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NSK Bearings NSK currently in the world more than 20 countries and regions, the establishment of a sales network and more than 30 factories, industries ranked in the world top stable. Thanks to the trust of the Chinese users, NSK committed to the sustained rapid economic development of China's export of advanced production technology and management experience, and gradually establish and improve production at the core, technical guidance, marketing support information for the three-dimensional structure of the industry, NSK will speed up the system of this in the process, thus for China's masses to provide more direct and better services for the modernization of China's industries and make due contribution. NSK Bearings are the main products, which is the basis for all machines; Modern society is indispensable products; Known as "the food industry machinery," good name; It ensures the quality of all industrial products; NSK is the purpose of operation and control; The functioning of the machine / bottom friction phenomenon to ensure the smooth operation of the rotation and; it constantly, for the moment providing a variety of human life and the world of energy-saving campaigns and to contribute to the protection of resources.

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