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TIMKEN Bearing is the world's leading senior engineering bearings and alloy steel manufacturers in the world, 25 countries with more than 100 factories and offices. In 1985, Timken Company founder Henry Timken, a design with tapered roller bearings, this is a revolutionary technology design. This is called "tapered roller bearings," the first to use the new bearings in the four carriages, significantly reducing the friction, and in 2003, was a patent. Venture so far, the Timken Company and steady development of the world well-known to have high-quality bearings and advanced to suppliers, for the rest of the world growing number of customer service. Today, these listed companies are tapered roller bearings and alloy seamless steel pipe area of the leading machinery manufacturers. Timken production of 230 kinds of types, 26,000 different specifications of the tapered roller bearings, they are widely used in other countries in the world automotive, aerospace, general industrial and railway industries. Distribution of the five continents in more than 20 Timken bearing plant production according to uniform standards of quality products. Timken has six mills in the United States on steel production, including seamless steel tubes are, steel bar, steel billet and steel ingot, and other products. The use of these products throughout the major global industry.

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