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Cross Roller bearings BEARINGS

Cross roller bearings between wheel and ocean shipping, interval cross each other to the square arrangement way they can also inherit from each direction load (such as axial thrust or momentum load, etc.) for roller and track surface into linear contact, robot special cross roller bearing.

Cross roller bearing characteristics of use:

1. Have excellent rotation accuracy

2. Operation installation simplified

3. Bear the larger axial and radial load

4. Greatly save installation space

5. Speed ability high

6. Reduce the axial length and processing cost, thermal expansion leads to the change of geometry size limited

7. Using nylon dividers, moment of inertia is low, starting torque low, easy to control the Angle index

8. Optimization of prestressing force, stiffness, guide roller running high precision

9. Carburizing steel provides excellent resistance to impact and surface anti-wear ability

10. Simple but lubrication fully

Cross roller bearing mainly application:

Machine precision rotary indexing table, vertical and horizontal boring machine, vertical grinding machine, rotary surface grinding machine, large gear hobbing machine, guns and radar rotary table, large radio and optical telescope, rotating camera, steering pivot and continuous casting machine, highly restricted pivot microscope table, bar center fulcrum, rotating bogie, welding support, rotary assembly fixture, industrial robots, precision rotary table, medical equipment, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing plant.


  • Bearing CRBH10020A
    Bearing Code   Basic Size (mm) Basic Rated Load (N) Weight (Kg) d D B r min Cr Cor CRB3010  C 30 55 10 0.5 6000 9250 0.13 CRB4010  C 40 65 10 0.5 8000 10410 0.16 CRB 5013  C 50 80 13 0.6 10700 14300 0.29 CRB 5015  C 50 80 15 0.6 10700 14300 0.31 CRB 6013  C

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