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ROLLWAY Bearing E5226-UMR

Bearing  E5226-UMR

1.High precision,long life 
2.Quick delivery,good service 
3.18 years supply bearing 

A-5208 WB      MA 5208 EL      A5208TS/WB    E-5208-B/E-5208-UMR

A-5209 WB      MA 5209 EL      A5209TS/WB    E-5209-B/E-5209-UMR

A-5210 WB      MA 5210 EL      A5210TS/WB    E-5210-B/E-5210-UMR

A-5211 WB      MA 5211 EL      A5211TS/WB    E-5211-B/E-5211-UMR

A-5212 WB      MA 5212 EL      A5212TS/WB    E-5212-B/E-5212-UMR

A-5213 WB      MA 5213 EL      A5213TS/WB    E-5213-B/E-5213-UMR

A-5214 WB      MA 5214 EL      A5214TS/WB    E-5214-B/E-5214-UMR

A-5215 WB      MA 5215 EL      A5215TS/WB    E-5215-B/E-5215-UMR

A-5216 WB    MA 5216 EL      A5216TS/WB    E-5216-B/E-5216-UMR

A-5217 WB      MA 5217 EL      A5217TS/WB    E-5217-B/E-5217-UMR

A-5218 WB      MA 5218 EL      A5218TS/WB    E-5218-B/E-5218-UMR

A-5219 WB      MA 5219 EL      A5219TS/WB    E-5219-B/E-5219-UMR

A-5220 WB      MA 5220 EL      A5220TS/WB    E-5220-B/E-5220-UMR

A-5221 WB      A-5220-WS    A5221TS/WB    E-5221-B/E-5221-UMR

A-5222 WB      MA 5222 EL      A5222TS/WB    E-5222-B/E-5222-UMR

A-5224 WB      MA 5224 EL      A5224TS/WB    E-5224-B/E-5224-UMR

A-5226 WB      MA 5226 EL      A5226TS/WB    E-5226-B/E-5226-UMR

A-5228 WB      A-5228-WS    A5228TS/WB    E-5228-B/E-5228-UMR

A-5230 WB      A-5230-WS    A5230TS/WB    E-5230-B/E-5230-UMR

A-5232 WB      A-5232-WS    A5232TS/WB    E-5232-B/E-5232-UMR

A-5234 WB      A-5234-WS    A5234TS/WB    E-5234-B/E-5234-UMR

A-5236 WB      A-5236-WS    A5236TS/WB    E-5236-B/E-5236-UMR

A-5238 WB      A-5238-WS    A5238WB         E-5238-UMR

A-5240 WB      A-5240-WS    A5240WB         E-5240-UMR

A-5244 WB      A-5244-WM   A5244WB         E-5244-UMR

A-5248 WB      A-5248-WM   A5248WB         E-5248-UMR

Cylindrical roller bearings use rollers for rolling elements, and therefore has a high load capacity. The rollers are guided by ribs on either the inner or outer ring, therefore these bearings are also suitable for high speed applications. The inner and outer rings can be separated to facilitate assembly, and both can be fit with shaft or housing tightly. If there is no ribs, either the inner or the outer ring can move freely in the axial direction. Cylindrical roller bearings are therefore ideal to be used as so-called "free side bearings" that absorb shaft expansion.


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