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Consolidated Financial Results NTN Corparation

Emergency countermeasures and drastic structural reforms will beconducted, including reviews of the medium-term management plan
¥Global Advance 2013,G to provide greater flexibility with changes in thebusiness environment, as well as to strengthen the corporate structure.
There have been sudden changes to the external environmentsurrounding NTN s business activities since sGlobal Advance 2013G
was established, including the European financial crisis, a slowdown ingrowth in expanding economies such as China and India, and the yen
remaining strong over the long-term.
Progress has been insufficient to meet plans for the first half of the yeardue to a decrease in sales of industrial machinery and
aftermarket/distributor, and an increase in costs in America in 1Q.

 Implement the The most pressing challenges for the short-term are to strengthen thecorporate structure by increasing margins, and improving cash flow bylimiting capital expenditure and decreasing inventory.

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